Intérpretes:  Gonzalo Vega (José Carlos Larios), Diana Bracho
(Leonora Navarro), Alejandro Camacho (Alejandro Larios),
Rebecca Jones (Vilma), María Rubio (Catalina Creel), Carmen
Montejo (Esperanza Mandujano), Carlos Cámara (Reynaldo
Gutiérrez), Lilia Aragón (Rosalía), Ramón Menéndez (doctor  
Zíndel), Humberto Elizondo (inspector Suárez), Rosa María
Bianchi (Bertha Moscoso), Josefina Echánove (Elvia), Edna
Bolkan (Paulina), Miguel Gómez Checa (doctor Terán), Blanca
Torres (Clotilde, esposa del doctor Terán), Enrique Muñoz
(licenciado Curiel), Luis Rivera (Mauricio), Humberto Valdepeña
(doctor Mendiola), Magda Karina (Lucero), Wally Barrón (inspector
Luna), Jorge Fegán (señor Escudero, joyero), Enrique Muñoz
(licenciado Curiel), Lourdes Canale (Carmelita, secretaria), José
Angel Espinoza Ferrusquilla (Braulio, padre de Leonora),
Mercedes Pascual (Iris, madre de Vilma), Carlos Pouillot (Edgar,
padre de Vilma), Raúl Meraz (don Carlos Larios), Julia  Alfonzo
(Lutecia), Eduardo Alcántara (Melesio), Enrique Hidalgo (doctor
Gamboa), Margarita Isabel, Roberto Vander, Ana Bertha Espín
(Mayra), Bruno Schwebel (doctor Schwartz), Lourdes Villarereal
(superiora del hospicio), Rodrigo Salas Moncada (el pequeño
Edgar), Santiago Gil Ontiveros (Braulio/Edgar), René González,
Carlos Bonavides.

Originally screened in 1986, Cuna De Lobos tells the story of the
Larios family and thier exploits, in particular the head of the family
Catalina Creel. ( For a more detailed description please checkout
the Series Overview )In Mexico the show was, allegedly, so
popular at the time that it broke viewing records and when its final
episode screened it caused a shutdown of the entire Mexico
subway system and recived the second highest viewing audience

This site was set-up as the only other concrete site on Cuna De
Lobos ( The Unofficial DEN OF WOLVES Homepage ) has long
been abandoned, and in an effort to create a better culmination of
information and other things about this series and its actors, this
site was born.

This page was opened on Friday the 27th of September, 2002

Years ago, when the boys were young, Jose Carlos Larios was
playing with a wooden spinning top and
in an accident he put it into his mother, Catalina's, eye. Damaging
it forever, having to have it replaced
with a glass eye and covered with a patch for the rest of her life.
Jose Carlos never lived down the guilt
he felt. That's how the story goes ...

Catalina Larios has a secret.

When her husband, Carlos Larios, the head of the large-scale
pharmaceutical company Lar-Creel,
discovered it he not only threatened to change his will but to also
get a divorce after that.With no options left to conceal her deceit,
Catalina poisons her husband's glass of orange guice that same
morning before he leaves for work with a new drug the company
had recived days before. Driving
to work, the poison takes hold of Carlos, sending his car into the
front office of a building on his way
to work, killing him in the process.

Shocked and concerned for the man, one of the office's young and
naive employee's, Leonora Navarro,
searches Carlos's body for identification. Finding a buisness card
she rings the offices of Lar-Creel and
informs them of Carlos's "accident". As a result, Leonora meets
Alejandro Larios, one of Carlos's two sons ( the other Jose Carlos
Larios ).

At the reading of her husband's will, Catalina learns that she has
been betrayed as his empire that they built is now in the hands of
whichever of his two sons gives the family thier next son and heir.
Although both of his sons have some difficulty in doing this as
Jose Carlos ( although involved in the buisness ) is uninterested
in the family buisness and Alejandro's wife Vilma is infertile.
Although they could adopt, provided that no one in the family know,
Alejandro desires a son of his own blood. Thus, in secret,
Alejandro begins to date Leonora with the plan of taking the baby
from her and passing it off as his and Vilma's child. Meanwhile,
Vilma begins to wear pillows underneath her clothes to give the
appearance that she is expecting, much to the curiosity of
Catalina. Not to be outsmarted, Catalina travel's to New York to
confirm her suspicions that there is no way that Vilma could be
expecting, and later invites Vilma and a doctor to talk about it
together. Eyeing her surroundings, Catalina picks up a poker for
the fireplace, thrusting it into Vilma's stomach, puncturing the
pillow she was wearing and uncovering the lie in true Catalina
Creel style.

Meanwhile, Alejandro and Leonora marry and Leonora falls
pregnant as Catalina learns of her favoured son's scheme to bring
the new heir to the family.In the midst of all this, Catalina
continues to eliminate all that stand in her way that threaten to
reveal the secret she holds.

Leonora gives birth to "el pequeno" Edgar, the new Larios heir, as
he is quickly snatched away to the care of Alejandro and Vilma.
Waking some time later, Leonora quickly becomes wise to the
situation and escapes from the clinic, pleading with a gas staion
attendent for help and a ride back to Mexico.

One year later on Edgar's first birthday we see a defiant and
stronger Leonora vowing to take her due revenge on Alejandro
and get back her son. Making her own scheme, she befriends
Jose Carlos, Alejandro's brother, and after a short while they too
marry. Upon returning to Mexico, and much to the shock of its
residents, Leonora moves into the Larios home along with her
godmother and and her new husband by her side.

How did it end ?

The situation so far :

Luna and the police are camped outside the gates of the Larios
home, waiting for Suarez to emerge with a confession from
Catalina. Meanwhile, inside, Catalina has outwitted Suarez and
electrocuted him in the swimming pool.

Dr. Mendiola has told Alejandro that Vilma's cancer is worse than
all predictions and Alejandro is determined to get Vilma to
Houston for treatment, but all the flights are booked out leaving
him with little options.

Jose Carlos, Leonora and el pequeno Edgar are in the Larios
plane ready to fly to Chiapas. Unaware, that Catalina has put
sugar in the fuel tank.

The final episode begins with Jose Carlos looking very pilotty in
the front seat of the plane, ready to take off. Suddenly onto the
runway screams an ambulance and a car. Leonora is sitting
behind Jose Carlos wearing matching ( and rather large )
sunglasses. With her is el pequeno Edgar, and wearing a very
ducky blouse and shorts. Leonora thinks that Alejandro has
arrived to retrieve Edgar and tries to hold Edgar close to her, but
he seems to be in a wandering mood.

Meanwhile, back at the Larios mansion, Catalina and Curiel, the
lawyer, are admiring Suarez's dead-man's float in the pool. Today
she is wearing a grey jumper divided into cream, red and black
triangles, and a black skirt which shows off her straight back. The
eyepatch is black. Curiel makes the first understatement of the
episode telling Catalina " you're quite unbalanced." He wonders
why she escaped after the death of Suarez, and Catalina claims
that she is quite innocent.

Outside, Luna arrives, wondering where Suarez is. He decides
that they have been waiting long enough and orders the police to
break into the grounds. The men all charge the gates and beat
them dramatically, or climb up and shake them.

Inside the mansion, Curiel tells Catalina to give herself up. By this
time, Luna and co. have (somehow, with thier feeble attempts)
managed to reach the front door, and demand to be let in. Catalina
then informs Curiel that she didnt escape before because she
wasn't afraid, and she "cant indulge in such vulgar emotions."
Luna is getting quite desperate to get in, and so Catalina storms
off, telling Curiel to "find some way to get rid of that riffraff !"

Back at the airport, Alejandro, in his usual calm way, requisitions
the plane to take Vilma to Houston. Dr.Mendiola is with him. So
now the situation is : Alejandro and Vilma are on the plane, and
Leonora, Jose Carlos and Edgar are safe on the ground.

Leonora and Edgar move inside the airport terminal, and we can
now see Edgar's travel gear much better. A frilly white blouse and
he is clutching a cardboard suitcase rather like a McHappy Meal
box. Leonora dishes out a multicoloured lollipop to Edgar and
asks Gudini about the safety of the plane ( to alert us to the fact
that there is a problem ).Gudini tells her that she is just being a
worrying female, and, to a background of threatening music, says
the plane is completley safe.

Outside, Alejandro and Jose Carlos part on unfriendly terms.
Alejandro vowing to take Edgar back. Jose Carlos reprimands
him, and the plane is shut up and streaks across the tarmac.

Back at the house the threatening music is constantly playing.
Curiel and now Luna are admiring Suarez's floatation skills. Luna
gets into another fit of righteousness and is furious that the
Larioses are trying to hire lawyers, and then he makes
understatement number two : " Do you realise that woman is crazy
?  She's a psycopath. She's completley derranged ! "

Inside, in her bedroom we get a closeup of Catalina, minus the
eyepatch and sombrero de pelo, brushing her hair rather violently,
and with a mega-scowl. ( Brick red lipstick ). She is claiming to be
tired, bored and completley fed up. As the camera zooms out we
see a glass of orange juice in front of Catalina.

She speaks right into the camera, telling us that she did her best
for Alejandro, but " What has that got her ? Emptiness,
abandonment and teason." The  "impending doom" background
music begins as she reminds us that Jose Carlos has been lined
up to die.

"Alejandro has rejected the crown. Someone must pay "

Meanwhile, in mid air the plane begins to shake. In the front seat,
Alejandro screams at the pilot that the engines are failing. In the
screech of the nose dive he scrambles back to Vilma, who is
looking decidedly seedy. The scene ends with them embracing.

We cut to Gudini being told that the plane has gone ( again to the
impending doom music ). Gudini hurries off as fast as his skin
tight jeans will allow.

Back at the house, Luna is waiting for Catalina to emerge when
the phone rings.

Luna prepares to pick it up, as Catalina answers. It's Gudini. In a
bored monotone he tells Catalina that her plane has blown up.
Catalina looks hopeful, and confirms that Leonora and Jose
Carlos have been killed. But no ! They are safe. The plane was
carrying Alejandro and Vilma, Gudini informs Catalina. A dramatic
chord sounds, so that we know Catalina's look of horror is
genuine. She almost looks worried as she puts down the

At this moment, Curiel knocks on the door and tells Catalina to
hurry up. She says that she'll be with him in a minute, once she
has changed her clothes and will then accompany him wherever
he likes. We have a closeup of her face to see the possibility of
some moisture around the eyes ( debatable ).

Catalina, back still as straight as ever, glides over to the door and
locks it, flings open the wardrobe and she carefully selects some
outfits and flings them to the floor. Finally, she chooses the black
coat, wig and sunglasses she used to kill the jeweller ( among
others ).

In the living room, Luna and Curiel are speculating about the
possibility of a bomb on the plane. Luna concludes that the
explosion must have something to do with Catalina's airport visit.

Back in the bedroom, very ominous music is playing, and Catalina
is holding a bottle of the indian poison ! into the orange juice it
goes and she lifts the glass to her lips...

At the airport, Gudini has told Jose Carlos and Leonora about the
explosion. Even Edgar stops slurping his lollipop for long enough
to look concerned. Jose Carlos is puzzled about the cause until
Leonora reminds him that Catalina was at the airport yesterday.

Meanwhile at the mansion , Suarez has been retrieved from the
pool, looking very dead. Inside, Luna is getting impatient, and he
storms off with Curiel to fetch Catalina. Inside the bedroom, the
camera pans along a trail of clothes on the floor, leading to the
bed where Catalina has collapsed, wearing the disguise with the
black eyepatch lying next to her.

Luna breaks the door open, and looks horrifed / downhearted.

Jose Carlos and Leonora arrive home to find the place swarming
with detectives. ( Where's Edgar ? )
Curiel comes out and tells Jose Carlos that Catalina murdered
Suarez in the swimming pool. The ( very busy ) ambulance
attendants wheel out a stretcher with a body under a sheet. Jose
Carlos pulls the sheet back, and to more emphatic version of the
opening theme, we see Catalina Creel ( still in disguise ) looking
as dignified as ever. Luna tells him that it was suicide, and Jose
Carlos responds by saying that "if she hadn't done it, I would have
done it myself." Jose Carlos and Leonora embrace as the theme
fades out.

5 Anos Despues ( Five Years Later.. )

The scene is a sunny day and two small boys are playing happily
in the Larios pool. All is well ( No lawnmowers in sight ). Two
women enter the scene calling them Braulio and Jose Carlos. The
two women are Elvia, the housekeeper, ( looking as much like a
funeral director as ever ) and Esperanza ( still in a tent like dress,
but with now stylishly longer hair )

Elvia tells us that she visits the cemetery to put flowers on Vilma
and Alejandro's graves, "Its as if it happened yesterday."
Esperanza tells Elvia to forget about it and frets at the boys to hurry

Inside its much the same, Leonora ( also with longer hair ) strolls
in with a tray and says to a slightly greyer Jose Carlos : "Look what
ive prepared for you, Your favorite martini"

Jose Carlos : "Great. Theres nothing like an aperitif to sharpen the
Leonora : "I'm not much of a drinker though."
Both give a forced laugh

We find that Lar-Creel is doing splendidly and they both seem
happy enough

We then cut to Catalina's dust-sheeted bedroom. A maid is
cleaning. Elvia storms in and asks for an explanation, informing
us that the room should always be shut up. The maid reminds us
that she is new. In case we are in any doubt, Elvia tells us that
something terrible happened in here and that its the only room in
the house that's closed off. But as it turns out the room was left
unlocked. Has Catalina died ?

In the boys bedroom, Esperanza is talking to the boys ( they call
her grandma ). Esperanza leaves and Braulio anounces that he
has stolen Elvia's key to " that room we're not allowed in." We cut
to Elvia finding that her key is missing

Back in the dinning room, things are still well. Leonora has
cooked a new recipe. Esperanza shows up and the three adults
begin to have an informative discussion. It turns out that Edgar's
name was changed to Braulio.

Meanwhile, the boys are entering Catalina's room with standard
nervous aprehension. Little Jose Carlos is worried about getting
into trouble, but Braulio is un-afraid.

The discussion in the dinning room continues. We find out that
Braulio has no knowledge of the events of the past, nor who
Catalina was and thinks that Jose Carlos is his father. Esperanza
declares that they are growing up normally. "Just like Alejandro
and I" says Jose Carlos.

Back in Catalina's room we can see a photo of Alejandro and
Vilma. Jose Carlos Jr. is looking through Catalina's briefcase
whilst Braulio is sitting at the dressing table with his back to the
camera. On the floor we can see a box of eyepatches lies spilt
open as Braulio looks at the picture of Jose Carlos and Alejandro
with thier Father.

Little Jose Carlos says "Braulio, lets go to lunch." As Braulio turns
we zoom in to see he is wearing an eyepatch !!

( scary music begins )

" I'm not Braulio. I am el pequeno Edgar. "

The screen tint's to purple and black as the credits roll for the last